Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Imaging the City Final: HDRamas

These images were deceivingly easy to make, thanks to the Automate feature in Photoshop CS5. Just shoot a couple exposures of each scene on a sturdy tripod, Merge to HDR Pro, then photomerge. Voila!

The wonderful thing about HDR photography is the ability to emphasize more expressive colors and forms. The digital artist is allowed to depict the scene as he or she experienced it by exaggerating the sharpness of certain portions of the image, for instance. The outcome is nice.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Team Gallery!

Is Conceptualism back in vogue? Last April I looked at the works of Stefan Bruggemann and how his text-based art works upset many pretenses of what art ought to mean, first in that it is a meaningful work of art itself. Revisiting him in a Google search, I stumbled across this pretty stunning collaboration he did with Pierre Bismuth:

Here Bismuth's spray painted comment in a way completes Bruggemann's work, responding in the only way one can to such a straightforward statement, with another extremely cut-and-dry statement. But besides being a nihilistic art party, this work is like an old Donald Judd that offers no explanation other than its existence in [gallery] space, but with a fresh self-consciousness, more sincere than sarcastic.

Mr. Bismuth enjoys collaborations. His association with other artists of the Team Gallery, such as Ryan McGinley and David Ratcliff creates a thread whose common characteristic is conceptual art. Go to teamgal.com to check out these up-and-coming type artists.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Rude Brood Logo

Draft #1: Based on a prelimenary drawing, which was sketched element by element, traced with pen, scanned, touched up in photoshop, then live traced in illustrator for quick vectorization.

Draft 2: Uses found elements for inspiration; outlined, scanned, then traced with the brush tool for a vectorization with a hand-drawn feel.

Final Draft: Deleted 1,000+ bezier points from the brush tool version to give a bolder, cleaner look. It might have been faster to use the pen tool originally, but this technique allows the vectors to retain a subtle organic quality.

Rude Brood is a collective of 16 BFA candidates at the University of Oregon in Portland, White Stag Building.