Wednesday, February 2, 2011

William Blake, Mark Titchner, Stefan Bruggemann

Text & Image Artists

William Blake was a Romantic G:

Mark Tichner is a Photoshop G:

Most of his work features these short motivational speeches, with a very angular, blocky type. What's interesting is the way he photoshops the images past the point of absurdity. The average viewer, who is accustomed to varying amounts of photoshoppy effects applied to nearly everything in our visual culture, is overwhelmed with the plethora of intersecting and disappearing lines and colors but is obligated to look at the same time. The exact sort of sublimity and energy that advertisers hope to achieve with photoshop is what Titchner harnesses to send progressive and semi-critical messages. This puts him in the same general movement of Banksy and Shepard Fairey; that is, the artists devoted towards the battle against the massive media takeover of American culture and proliferation of advertising therein.

Stefan Bruggemann is the Gangsta of satire:

I interpret this second example to be poking fun at the simple aesthetics of the conceptualism in the 60's. But 50 years later, we're still just as lost as a young Donald Judd in the matrix of post-modernism.

Neon is a popular way to make text and specific letterforms look way cool.

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