Friday, April 8, 2011

An Appeal to My Peers

In the reductive partisan world, there are only dirty hippies incapacitated by idealism and neo-nazi teabaggers blinded by ignorance. But in the real world, there is a vast spectrum of 'moderates' whom, by leaning in varying degrees either towards the left or right, accomodate the actions taken by the far wings of those sides. What is the real world? Who are these so-called moderates? And why is it all so racist?

I partied on Saturday in Portland at a very nice house. I don't remember much talking to the owner that evening except that he flew predator drones for Boeing. He is a very well-liked and generous man, but he told me he sold his soul to the Devil. (Note: I sold my own soul in 2002 to Doug Hutton for five dollars and a Reeces). Actually, On Friday I was at my good friend Mark’s house. He used to make a living working for the Military-industrial complex too. He hurt his back pretty bad in Iraq so he doesn’t fight anymore, but his house is also very nice. In fact, my best friend from back home is in basic training in Missouri ‘cause he was getting sick of job at the Mobil station. I’ve always considered myself a typical B’s-and-A’s kind of person, so naturally I’m interested to see where my friends are getting the corresponding incomes. Should one have to choose between selling out to a corporation, or slaving for another?

I ask again, what is the real world? In juicy bite of irony, it is a reality show on MTV, which is also their longest-running show and a very potent brainwashing mechanism for socializing young Americans. We watched three hours of a similar program the next morning after that trip, flipping back between Ronnie and his obnoxious 'Kill Your TV' t-shirt and some other show about people who were struggling with terrible addictions to fast food. They became overwhelmed at the prospect of eating anything but a plain burger, or fries. Perhaps someday soon we'll be able to get cable right on our phones.

I think the real world is actually just a social climate, infrastructure and specifically the norms that govern movement within it. I shouldn't have to convince anyone that global climate change is a real danger to prove that the status quo is a problematic one. But some of the time I do. Whether this is a result of the failure of the public education system is another discussion, but one thing's for certain; some very highly educated people have worked hard to create an environment for dissent, against Mother Nature herself.

It is not my job to pass judgement, but I will. Some people, when faced with the reality of a global climate emergency, react with denial (ignorance), apathy (malevolence), or both. They will justify their actions by telling you that you are a dirty hippie and are foolish to think you can solve the world's problems on your own. This is bad.

This is just a defense mechanism against the maddening complexity of contemporary society, the keystone of which is modern technology which, understandably, the modern man is obliged to defend for its great convenience and ability. The introduction of advanced medical and agricultural technologies essentially negated laws of natural selection. This has caused the human population to expand at an exponential rate, and resulting moral dilemma wherein it was no longer clear in nature who was fit to live or die. Some people retain the right to discriminate so, though, and society is forced into an identity crisis where ever-marginalized populations must band together and assert their right to live as they please against those whom feel they shouldn't. Ironically, a large portion of the discriminators are religious, and can also be found asserting the right of life for everyone including unborn fetuses whose sexual-orrientation and mental/physical capacities are yet unknown.

So ask yourself, what is the real world? What does it mean when someone tells you to “get real?” Are they asking you to consider the socio-political reality of America, 2011? Or are they just telling you to conform to the social climate, like something found on the Jersey Shore. Or perhaps, The Real World.

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