Friday, June 3, 2011

Food for Thought

Combining text and image has always been a welcomed challenge for me. This formula came to me in a half-asleep revelation after witnessing youth culture in a pure form. "Kids these days." We must be frank with them, they're tired of old sarcasm. Though they do not like to be indoctrinated, my message is urgent. The planet hasn't time for another generation of Western egocentricism.

Short phrases provide meaning on the surface, the inset images juxtaposed with one another, as well as with the words they apply to, help further the meaning and add a little ambiguity.

The photos are originals, from Flickr Creative Commons, Wikipedia public domain & I liked the humanity of the selection on Creative Commons.

The photo credits are a copyright compliance and a reference the post-structuralist art-making conventions that have been gaining speed in music (in the form of sample-based hip-hop & electronica) and visual art (in the form of collage and montage) since the late 20th century. The room for originality nowadays is more in the basic concept and less in the representational style.

Is it significant that I build these just as I would ads for the newspaper? What do you think?

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