Thursday, May 31, 2012

bePortland Concerts

If you know me, now you know This burgeoning news/events website was founded by Abe Abeling and Jenny Rosenbaum less than a year ago. I tested my metal as an intern for them, covering over two dozen shows  in three months and getting into the extensive events database. The bePortland internship is a splendid opportunity for photographers and journalists looking for an in to the Portland's rich culture. Check out some of the awesome shows that went down this Spring:

Cursive / Ume / Virgin Islands

Delaney and Paris / Sabrina Chap

Sons of Huns / Water & Bodies / Black Pussy

Twilight Sad

Onuinu / Lavender Mirror / Pool of Winds


Eternal Tapestry / Hurry Up / Stay Calm

Treefort Music Fest Day 2

Treefort Music Fest Day 3

Treefort Music Fest  Day 4


  1. Hey I just got an internship with them too, how was it?

    1. It was great! I worked hard but it paid off. Now I have a startup music blog with my two buddies You must be done by now, how did you like it?